The Buyer’s Journey

the buyers journey

Buying a house should be an exciting time for clients. Are you ready for a home-buying experience that you’ll actually enjoy? Then you’ve come to the right real estate broker because I’m all about making this as easy for my clients as possible.

The thought of going through the home-buying process might not exactly sound exciting–but for me, it is! I love getting to know my clients, showing them Burlington’s best neighbourhoods, and finding them the perfect real estate match.

From Aldershot to Shoreacres and beyond, I’ve helped plenty of people just like you find a home they love. A lot of my clients are those that I’ve helped since the start of their real estate journey. From finding their first rental to completing their first home purchase, they’ve chosen to work with me throughout the entire process.

Here’s what the Buyer’s Journey will look like when you decide to buy a home with me:

1. Create a List

Before you start looking for houses, create a list. This list should include: should-haves, must-haves and can not live without. Outline your desired neighbourhood, lifestyle and your ideal style of home.

2. Our Initial Meeting

Once you have a general idea of your dream home, we can sit down and review it. We can grab a coffee and get to know each other. The more I know about you, the easier it will be for me to find your dream home.

3. House Hunting

Let the search begin! Based on your desired area and outlined budget, I’ll send you listings of the best properties. If you see a home that you’re interested in, I’ll set up a viewing. I’ll make sure to notify you of any price changes, recent sales or any hot new listings.

4. Putting in an Offer

I work hard at making sure we put in the right offer in order to close the deal. From time to time, a client’s offer will get rejected, but don’t let that disappoint you. A negotiation may be required in order to satisfy both the buyer and the seller.

5. Your Offer has been Accepted

As a real estate agent, this is one of my favourite messages to deliver. After acceptance, your deposit will be dropped off at the listing brokerage. From here, we’ll ensure that all of your conditions are met within the agreed upon timeframe.

6. Closing & Moving

It’s official! You are now a homeowner. Once you have met with your lawyer to sign the final documents, the keys will be yours.When you receive the keys you are able to move in. Whether or not you decide to move in right away, it is important to check out the house and make sure it has met all the required conditions.

7. Always Here to Answer your Questions

Even after you’re settled into your new home I’m happy to answer any questions you have about homeownership. I can also recommend plenty of trusted local professionals to help turn your house into a home.

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